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The desert night was cool; a refreshing break from the blistering heat of the day.  Global temperatures had increased significantly over the years, making for an uncomfortable state for the day during the Warmer Period.  Warmer wasn't the correct term now, Hotter was a much better fit.  The opposite was also becoming worse; the Cooler Period of the year would be better named as the Colder period.  Both seasons had become more extreme in recent times.

Some argued that the increase of industrial output was affecting the atmosphere, while others felt as if the planet was drawing closer to the Sun. Still others didn't feel the difference, and cared not as to what was happening to the environment; long as they got paid and made their dues.

Aridike took the lattermost position.  He looked out into the night and saw before him the entrance to the mine and the crowd of eager workers ready to make a day's wage. This organization, the Protosteel United Corporation, had made Aridike's life an easy one.  His only job in the company was to illuminate the caves with his Toa powers and, come necessary, provide aid in the event of a cave-in or other emergency, as is with all Toa.

It was an easy lifestyle of waking, working, and wondering.  His mind was always a bit away from him, but he kept himself together and made sure he was always at work. He had to have a task to keep him busy or he thought too hard about...that day.  He had never really recovered from…the incident, but he put on a brave face and went forward with the day's tasks.

"ARIDIKE! Anytime you're ready!!"

Aridike heard the shout and started to make his way down from the observation deck where he watched the influx of miners. It was still early, and not all of the miners were here, but the early birds got to work first, and they needed Aridike to do that.

The crowd of  Agori, Matoran, Skardi and other beings parted to allow the half white and gold, half silver and black armored being through.  He took a set of keys from his belt and opened the gate to the mine.  He stepped inside and raised a hand.  Suddenly, a ball of intense light shone high and illuminated the whole cavern.  

The miners behind him tried to get by and start their long day but Aridike stopped them.

"…Hold on…I think I see someone…"

Aridike's mask suddenly glowed and in the dark recesses of the cave he spotted a figure. His back was turned to them and he was laying down near the far wall.  Aridike could see that he was fast asleep.

"Hey.  Hey! You!"

Aridike walked up to the figure and gave him a kick in the side.

"This is private property.  You're trespassing here."

The sleeping figure yawned loudly and stretched his arms up.  He slowly got to his feet and cracked his back, neck, and fingers in that order.  He rubbed his neck and spoke.

"…Boy, I tell ya…Bedrock should be renamed…"

Unamused by the being's joke, Aridike kept a straight face.

"Who are you and why are you here."

The figure kept rubbing his neck but turned to face Aridike.

Aridike's eyes widened a bit.

"Well, I'm sure you know who, and you'll soon know why."

The figure snapped his fingers and the two were engulfed in a bright flash.

From the crowd of miners' point of view, it seemed as if the lights had gone out and nothing had happened.  However, upon relighting the cave, they found no trace of Aridike, the strange figure, or anything else for that matter…


"Okay…so you have Light Powers. Good… three down, three to go…"

Aridike 229 turned back to his Temporal Variant,  Aridike 503.  The strangely melded colors of white and gold, and black and silver made for stark contrast on the figure, who just stood there idly, still slightly confused.  His powers were of the result of he and Bayzon fusing as one during a struggle for Energized Protodermis (The Protodermis United Cooperation still owed him for that).  Aridike 503's mind ruled over Bayzon's now, despite the sadness and guilt.

"Okay.  I can believe that you're my Temporal Variant, and that you need help to make a Toa Seal for this…who was it again, Vorak?"

Aridike 229 crossed his arms.

"Voporak. He is a being with innate Time Powers that have been stripped from him, but…being in the Halls of Time…he may be stronger than ever, even without them…"

"Right. So we need to find an additional three Aridikes that also have additional elemental powers…"


Aridike 503 threw his arms up.

"And how do we do that?!"

Aridike 229 calmly stood and turned to the corner of the room. The abandoned smelting facility that Aridike had led the both of them to was dark, but Aridike 503 could see a figure in the corner.  He threw up a ball of light and the figure spoke.

"I can assist with travel.  I am the First."

Aridike 503 gasped.

"But…the Fourth said you were dead… or…something…"

The First stepped forward and laughed.

"Well, it's quite a bit more complex than that…"

Aridike 503 took a blank stare.

"Spare me the details…"

"It's probably better if I do that in any case… Aridikes, we must transform and roll out. We still have much to do…"

The First turned away from the both of them to face the wall.  He raised his hand and a portal appeared from nowhere.  It's shimmering surface entranced Aridike 503, who had never traveled by this method before.  Aridike 229 waved his hands in front of his Temporal Variant's face a few times to snap him out of it.  

The First entered the shimmering wall and Aridike 229 and Aridike 503 followed suit.  The trio reentered the Halls of Time. A tremendous rumbling constantly filled the air and roars of battle could be heard. The First began to run down the hall.

"Quickly now! To the next Hall!"

Aridike 503 caught up with the First.

"Shouldn't we try to help??"

"It's best if you face Voporak as a team. You'll have to be your most powerful to defeat that menace… even now his power grows…"

I'm really proud of this and the upcoming chapters. :meow:

The writing is some of the best I've ever done, and the characters are really nice. For example! Aridike 503. He's been fused to Bayzon after an industrial accident with Energized Protodermis, giving him powers over light!

It's these types of circumstance that really help people understand how the Multiverse works; an outcome may seem unlikely, but the truest science behind it is that it exists, somehow, someway.

Oh! And I've even built 503 and the upcoming Aridikes! [link]
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Shadow-Architect Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Problem, problem.
If the Fourth is going to be part of this elemental Protodermic Cage, with 503, then it won't work. Light and Shadow cancel each other out.
BARON229 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Shhhush... don't be that smart...
Shadow-Architect Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yeah, that was a bit nitpickety.:iconhurrplz:

While we're on the whole mutiverse variant thing, I'm afraid I don't quite understand how a self-fulfilling event resuts in a fractured timeline. Cuz if every possible scenario occurs simutaneously, then somewhere, there would be a version of me doing some sort of complicated temporal self creation(don't ask how). So I'd have a shattered timeline.
BARON229 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Well, it's a paradox, to put it simply.

A paradox, by definition, is a self-denying event or statment. "This statement is false" is a commonplace Logic Paradox; if you think about it, the statement is itself saying that it is false, but by it being false it completes it's objective of being false, and thus is true, because it is false, but because it is false, it cannot be true, but because-
And so on and so forth.

A more complex event is a Temporal Paradox, or paradoxes dealing with Time. A classic Temporal Paradox is the Grandfather Paradox. Essentially, you go back in time and kill your ancestor; the question is: how do you even exist to have killed your Grandfather? and, if you have killed your Grandfather, didn't it already happen?

Now, there is a whole science behind this and what would occur from these types of Temporal Paradox, but I subscribe to the fact that Backwards Time Travel is impossible, because (despite the ideas of a healing Timeline) we cannot travel negative distance, thus we cannot travel negitive time.

I'd love to get into more about how these Paradoxes incorporate themselves with the Temporal Multiverse, but it'd be too much of a spoiler!!

You'll just have to wait. =P
Shadow-Architect Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I think their's two types of paradox: the first where the effect turns into the cause into the effect ad infinitum. Perfect example: Aridike's paradox. Unfortunately, these can't happen in real life cos you'd get an infinite probability curve and cause the universe to end.
The second type is the non-consistnent paradox, which is, as you said, the grandfather paradox. The only problem with this is that it is totally impossible due to [link]

On the suject of negativity, you can if fact get negative energy matter. It's called exotic matter(you can make Tardises and warp engines with it!). Now if you can get something (in accordance with MU-cum-Tesla physics) with negative spatial gravity then why not negative temporal gravity...?

At any rate, I think it would only cause time to speed up, not go backwards.

A lot of this stuff will be mentioned when I eventually get my storyline up.:)
BARON229 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
...Actually, 'Aridike's Paradox,' as you put it, is something completely different, and by the end of TRATI, almost all of the Paradoxical Sciences will be revealed and everything should make sense.

As I've said before, I just don't want any spoilers for it!!! XD

But you know what? I think I'm going to make a journal for all this Temporal Sciences and Paradox Logic. Sound good?
Lol-Pretzel Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
"Transform and roll out"... ? XD

Anyway, I like where this is going.
BARON229 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
You'll find that there are several allusions that the First will make throughout the next few chapters. :meow:
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