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Blood and Mirrors
The midday sun shined gently through the blinds meeting barely tangible lines of wafting cigar smoke expelled from the jutting mouth of one Mathew Renalds.  The lines of the text from the local Vermont Vanguard's Sunday edition were all but illegible by the glare from behind, but the somewhat more bolded crossword puzzle, half-solved, was easier to make out.
Lazily hung in his chair, Mr. Renalds reached down over his crossed legs for the cup of warm milk beside a mug of coffee, and gently poured a bit in, his eyes not leaving the crossword. Suddenly there was a creak of the floorboards outside, the equivalent of a doorbell for the small office of Renalds Private Investigations, yet the aforementioned PI didn't flinch.
The door opened and a somewhat stout man in pinstriped collar shirt and tweed overcoat, with a red tie as an accent, who Mathew Renalds immediately recognized as his younger brother as he set down the paper and put out his cigar.
"Hey, Joey. What brings you to t
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HEE HEE HOO HOO :iconbaron229:BARON229 2 5 Aridike 547 :iconbaron229:BARON229 5 1
TRATI Ch. 11
Battle had torn the landscape into a ragged heap of rocks and bodies.  The fruits of war bore poison on the land, the sea, the air, and the nations that fought it.  It seemed the planet itself was being sapped of life, and a dreary cloud smeared the sky.  Few lone figures dotted the moor after battle, searching for survivors by prodding the lumps between the rocks with spears. The foe was stabbed hard; the friends harder still.  
Over the battlefield, a place once known as the Valley of the Maze, overhung a mesa, where the strategists of one side, the one known as 'good', fought the ones known as 'evil.'  One of these said strategists stood out from the crowded tents that huddled for warmth.  He overlooked the battlefield with a harsh scowl from a face that had seen too much in its short time.  As he watched from the tor, a word came to mind, which led to more words, ending in a poem.
A Toa sto
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Aridike V3.5 Preview :iconbaron229:BARON229 5 7 Aridike 519 :iconbaron229:BARON229 5 1
TRATI Ch. 10
The view from the Shoulders was magnificent. It was late afternoon and a single shaft of light illuminated the Order's Atrium.  It was a massive room with ornate columns of marble and granite, with an immense dome at its apex.  The beam of light shone through the spaces between the two largest pillars at the entrance to the rotunda.
The Order was directly behind Aridike.  He had the prestige of guarding the door to the Amphitheater where the Order was currently beginning their week-long annual session. He could hear the voices of those on the floor. Helryx and Artakha were the voices he could distinguish. The others were muffled by the other two's loud arguing.  
Aridike sighed, and regained his composure at attention.  He was to meant to stand there and guard day and night, given a break on his second, fourth, and sixth day, but only 8 hours each.  His meals were given to him once a day, but he seldom ate t
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Escavalier :589: :iconbaron229:BARON229 4 0 Donphan :232: :iconbaron229:BARON229 3 2 Dystrax, the Neverending Knight :iconbaron229:BARON229 2 1 Takua the Avrahk :iconbaron229:BARON229 3 2 WHY NOT ZOIDBERG? :iconbaron229:BARON229 1 1 Aridike 503 :iconbaron229:BARON229 4 0
The desert night was cool; a refreshing break from the blistering heat of the day.  Global temperatures had increased significantly over the years, making for an uncomfortable state for the day during the Warmer Period.  Warmer wasn't the correct term now, Hotter was a much better fit.  The opposite was also becoming worse; the Cooler Period of the year would be better named as the Colder period.  Both seasons had become more extreme in recent times.
Some argued that the increase of industrial output was affecting the atmosphere, while others felt as if the planet was drawing closer to the Sun. Still others didn't feel the difference, and cared not as to what was happening to the environment; long as they got paid and made their dues.
Aridike took the lattermost position.  He looked out into the night and saw before him the entrance to the mine and the crowd of eager workers ready to make a day's wage. This organizatio
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The First stood up and took one step to the side and disappeared into thin air.  Aridike was surprised and stepped forward to see where he had gone, only to find his own surroundings changed; he was in the Halls of Time.
A rumbling was heard throughout the orange-outlined walls of the Halls.  A vase had fallen and spilt it's contents of…something incomprehensible, but most likely flowers or something similar.  The First was some ways down the corridor, tapping his foot impatiently.
"Come on, sonny! We have no Time to waste.  I'll explain everything on the way."
The First began walking and Aridike rushed up to follow him.
"Okay…so why are we in the Halls?"
"To finish what we started."
"What do you mean by that?!"
The First sighed.
"Well, when we had our last encounter is actually the future from now. Well, actually…"
A scream pierced the air and then grew to such a frequency that it faded into the air. Aridike remo
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TRATI: Ch. 7
Aridike plunged once again into the shimmering wall of quicksilver, his head thrown again into a spinning world of colors and shapes.  Suddenly, he found his feet again on solid ground.  The constantly changing outlines of the Halls of Time met his eyes and he felt relieved for a second. Then he remembered Voporak. His eyes darted around the room for some sign of the lumbering beast, and his ears listened in for the sound of his daunting roar of a voice.  
Screaming instead reached his ears and a hallway with the Seventh standing in it reached his eyes.  He gestured for Aridike to follow him to the point of the screams.  It was less of screaming so much as the measured sounds of a Rahi dying.  
Aridike cautiously followed the Seventh down the hallway.  It led to a large room with the shrieking figure of Voporak bound by orange outlined chains that shimmered in the dim light of the walls. He was susp
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Welcome to the place where Time unravels!

Besides the stories I write, I'll be posting collages of all my new MOCs here now, too!

MOCpages has been in a bit of a tizzy, and although this isn't my main site, I'll be trying to use it more, for ease of use...
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Well, Yestereday was the last day of school, and also OVER 500 MESSAGES GOD DAAAAAAAAAAYUM. I've been gone for too long. :iconlegaspplx:

Anyway. I have some unfortunate news.  I've decided to give up on TRATI.  That doesn't mean I'm giving up the story or Aridike, etc.  I'm just getting back loaded with projects in his storyline.  I've still got a lot of stuff that I really want to post (Including Aridike V4, who I've been delaying for MONTHS now) but I just can't without the constant paperwork of TRATI.

I may go back and continue it some time; Ch. 11 was a good place to stop.  Everything just got a bit bungled from that point on.  I've also had some time to develope my writing skills in Creative Writing, and I have a good few stories there I can post, should anyone want me to.

Anyway, I plan to post Aridike V4, probably on my MOCversery (sometime in July) where I will make a full outline of the events of TRATI, not going into TOO much detail, but enough to give some closure to the story...which is ironic when you think about it. ;)

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